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Beltrami L
Nataly, age 56, motor disability: improving independence at home
Editorial data: Portale SIVA Fondazione Don Carlo Gnocchi Onlus
Abstract: Comprehensive intervention to maintain the independence of a woman with severe progressive disability by means of assistive aids for mobility and seating, for the bathroom and for the interpersonal communication.
Year of publication: 2003
Type of document: Case studies/experiences
Last update: April 2003
Porcella B
Gabriele, age 56, motor disability: improving independence in communication by means of eye-gaze
Editorial data: Portale SIVA Fondazione Don Carlo Gnocchi Onlus
Abstract: Gabriele: a clear and subtle mind trapped in a body that doesn't respond to commands. An ictus relegated him to the immobility and to a persistent silence from which he would like to escape, satisfying his fundamental needs: communication, interaction with the world, expression of feelings and thoughts. Gabriele can only communicate through his eyelids: looking up means yes, half-opening the eyes means no. With a 21 yellow and green letters table, he becomes a marksman of the alphabet. Yet his disease has been finally defeated by the patient's will and motivation and by the intelligence of the carers who believed in new technologies. This experience presents the experimentation results of a new eye-blink driven sensor for PC.
Year of publication: 2005
Type of document: Case studies/experiences
Last update: February 2005
Restano Magazzini L
Nazzareno, 52 years old. Autonomy in daily life for a person with ALS
Editorial data: Portale SIVA FondazioneDon Carlo Gnocchi
Abstract: Nazzareno is a man aged 52 that in 2004 was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. In 2006 he started using a PEG, and since 2007 is tracheostomized and has undergone invasive mechanical ventilation (VMI). He and his family are supported by local services, and Nazzareno is highly motivated to maintain communication skills with family, friends and professionals. Since May 2005 he’s followed by a multidisciplinary staff of the Communication Aids Centre Laboratory: according to the progression of the disease, many software and hardware solutions were found and implemented.
Year of publication: 2009
Type of document: Case studies/experiences
Last update: July 2011
Beltrami L
Nataly: a better quality of life, in spite of everything
Editorial data: Tesi Corso di Perfezionamento "Tecnologie per l'Autonomia". Università Cattolica Milano e Fondazione Don Gnocchi, a.a. 2001-2002
Abstract: (text automatically translated from Italian) In 1997 to Nataly, to the age 57 years old, Amyothrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS comes diagnosed one); the disease chases, to year-end Nataly is already not more in a position to communicating orally and in 1998 it more does not succeed to walk. Nataly is widow, the daughters is found ***catapultate in a truth much difficult one without warning to manage and they do not receive ***dalle the institutions that aid, those indications, those advices useful in order to face the situation. They come acquired a bed, a mattress, an antidecubitus sheepskin, a wheelchair, a reducer for WC… they come prescribed and authorized an hoist electrical worker (than the patient it does not have never intentional to use because it is felt “to suffocate”) and a stairclimber for being able to catch up the garden ***dall' the alive apartment where Nataly to the Association of Bologna. In May 2001 one of the daughters is addressed to our service for knowing if assistive devices exist in order to communicate (.***.ha felt something for television.) and from it begins a path that will at domicile carry to a rehabilitation program physiokinesitherapic and to the prescription and supply of assistive devices here (a communicator, one suitable wheelchair for Nataly, one turning chair for bathtub). And for Nataly it improves the quality of life. in spite of everything.
Year of publication: 2002
Type of document: Thesis
Last update: May 2003
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